About Us

VSUP RECORDS was established by two childhood friends in 1995. They both share a love for all genres of music and how it is made. With that they formed a friendship and a partnership. While learning new things along the way they were willing to share with one another until they ultimately became a known force in their respectful small town in North Western Pennsylvania. The companies name has seen many different phases and changes but the one that everyone will grow to know and love is VSUP RECORDS. It started out with two people and a different name, but with a new name and now multiple members you are in the line of being excited.  Everyone on the team is a critical part to the labels success. Everyone has many talents and soon the label will utilize that talent to propel itself into an entertaining company.  That is the goal!  These guys and girls are hungry for success and has been working together as a team to bring the streets what they will love and need. At this time the sounds you will hear from VSUP RECORDS will be Urban based, but do not expect that to stay true for long. This is an actual record label willing to bring on new acts as they see fit and as time permits. VSUP RECORDS is currently promoting an unbelievably gifted artist named Victory Da Rapper. He's currently generating a decent size buzz online and within his hometown. VSUP RECORDS is aiming to use that success as a starting tool for the label. With songs like I Never Let Go and Nothing to Believe In feat. MTV's Taking The Stage Ohio's native Mia Carruthers things are bound to take off. Search Victory Da Rapper on any search engine and judge for yourself. Soon you will be able to purchase merchandise from this site but for now go to contact us (Sim Harrison) and specify any item you want, or go to www.reverbnation.com/victory55 (has limited items). Sit back and enjoy the ride thus far. More things to come/adding to the website soon!