Action speaks louder than words! We want to congratulate Kari, at this time for supporting our artist (Victory Da Rapper) since the early 2000's, and this newly found record label (VSUP RECORDS). Its been a long journey, and her words of encouragement has been inspirational to say the least. Our first fan to reach this page is rewarded with a full week of display alone! Kari, YOU DESERVE THIS! Thanks again we could not have come this far without people like you in the world! VSUP!!!

Carlos! Thanks for the continued support friend! #VSUPFORLIFE

Jayni - Intelligent, Beautiful, Fun, Talented and Courageous. With so many great qualities it is an honor to have you as a supporter. There is no way we could ever repay you for it. Promise to never let you down by "Never Letting Go!" THANK YOU SO MUCH. VSUP!