Back in 1995, Victory met a friend who was producing music.   He always had an ear for music and together they began to create beats.  He got better and better, to a point where he began buying his own equipment.  He began to write and eventually added lyrics to his beats.  And he did it the old fashion way – laying out every track
from start to finish.  He also began to understand some of the industry phrases and sayings, using them to his advantage by creating a more crisp and professional recording sound. 

On June 29, 2012, Victory released his first CD, “Famous Street”.  The lead single off this CD, “I Never Let Go”, it's about staying motivation, doing anything and everything no matter what the consequences might bring to succeed.  It's theme is never stop believing in your abilities: win with thought.  He calls this song a tool.  I call it pure hip hop, poppin’ beats with endless swagger.  The songs on this CD are beautifully produced and recorded.  They have great lyrics, real cool rhythms and they just make you want to move in your seat.   His songs are all radio friendly and available for purchase.

Victory Da Rapper is working with A & R Select in West Hollywood, Ca, and Robert Terell of Wealth Nation for a record deal, publishing, licensing and/or placement opportunities.

“I make music everyday even if it’s only for five minutes.  I have been investing in promotional companies and creating website after website, but still no progress.  I know the music is good, so if anybody got any suggestions that don’t involve me putting up hundreds of dollars, get at me.  Let’s collaborate – that’s what I’m use to anyway.  Holla atcha’ boy and let’s make dreams and money appear!  Peace!”

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